The Truth About Hungary

Ezra Levant is headed to Budapest to find out the truth about Hungary — and why so many liberals in the west hate it.

What’s it really like? What is its leader Viktor Orban like? And why is there such a concerted effort in the western media to demonize the country?

For some reason, every globalist, leftist and woke-ist hates Hungary passionately. Especially Orban.

Why the hatred for Hungary and for Orban in particular?

Could it be because Orban has resisted many globalist ideas, and Hungarians love him for it? Under Orban’s leadership, Hungary has rejected open borders, mass immigration and the cultural and economic challenges that come from it. Orban has defended Hungary’s ethnic and religious identity, not subscribing to woke multiculturalism. He has pushed back at world governments like the European Union and the United Nations. And he has even fought an epic battle against fellow Hungarian George Soros — and won.

But that's just a theory. So Ezra Levant and producer Lincoln Jay are off to Budapest to learn the truth about Hungary. And they may even get to sit down with the PM himself.

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