Tommy Robinson

Rebel News is covering the trial of Tommy Robinson, who was arrested, pepper-sprayed and banned from London for attending the big march against antisemitism in November – as a journalist. Ezra Levant is covering the hearings live, on the ground in London, England.

Ezra Levant travelled to London to report on the latest legal battle for Tommy Robinson, the journalist and activist.

You might recall, Tommy was attending the big London march against antisemitism a couple of months ago, as a journalist — and as a supporter of the Jews.

But instead of welcoming him, Gideon Falter, one of the left-wing organizers of the march, asked police to remove Tommy. Not because Tommy did anything wrong. Just that his presence there made Falter "tense".

It was crazy.

Even crazier, the police obeyed — and grabbed Tommy, handcuffed him, and pepper-sprayed him in the face, all because some thin-skin leftist didn't like him. And they've banned him from even setting foot in London, to this day!

So Tommy is challenging that outrageous arrest. That's what this court hearing was about. But something even more astonishing happened.

Take a look:

Did you get that? It's normal practice for an accused to state his full name, date of birth and home address in court. But in Tommy's case, he can't publicize his home address — because he's been the target of no fewer than twelve bona fide death threats, including from terrorists. Tommy wrote down his address to show the judge privately. But a reporter from the Evening Standard stood up in court and demanded that Tommy reveal his home address to the entire courtroom — so that the Evening Standard could publish it!

And shockingly, the judge agreed.

The trial will continue on April 22nd, and Rebel News will be there.

It's not enough to tell the truth about Tommy. We have to rebut the malicious lies of the rest of the media.

Rebel News' total costs for coming to London and covering the hearing was about $1,000 or about £600 — a flight, a hotel room and a local videographer. If you can help us crowdfund that, please chip in a donation right here on this page.

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