Trudeau Must Resign!

A Federal Court judge has ruled that Justin Trudeau's invocation of the Emergencies Act was unconstitutional and unreasonable – repudiating what was arguably the most important decision Trudeau has made during his entire administration!

But, it's not just one decision.

Justin Trudeau's government is buckling under the weight of multiple scandals:

  • Christmas Vacation in Jamaica Paid for by "a Friend" (2023)
  • Green Slush Fund (2023)
  • Nazi SS Officer Invited to House of Commons (2023)
  • Diplomatic Feud With India (2023)
  • Chinese Spy in Liberal Caucus (2022)
  • Use of Emergency Powers to End Freedom Convoy Protests (2022)
  • Tofino Vacation on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (2021)
  • Election Call During COVID-19 Pandemic (2021)
  • China Election Interference (2015)
  • WE Charity Controversy (2020)
  • ArriveCAN App (2020)
  • Nova Scotia Shooter Investigation (2020)
  • French Villa Vacation (2019)
  • Pressure on Former Attorney General in Mark Norman Case (2019)
  • SNC-Lavalin Affair (2019)
  • China Election Interference (2015)
  • Training China's People’s Liberation Army (2018)
  • Dinner With Jaspal Atwal (2018)
  • Purchase of the Pipeline (2018)
  • Gropegate Allegation (2018)
  • India Trip (2018)
  • Aga Khan's Private Island Visit (2017)
  • Elbowgate Incident (2016)
  • China Election Interference (2015)
  • Blackface Incidents (1980s, 1990s, 2001)

As Canadians face increasing hardships – losing their homes and struggling to make ends meet – the Trudeau Liberals are preoccupied with helping insiders line their pockets.

Justin Trudeau has deeply embarrassed our country. And he’s doing it at our expense.

Rebel News is fighting day by day to wake Canadians up to his corrupt and failed leadership.

While you're here, please sign our petition demanding that Justin Trudeau take responsibility for his corrupt government and failed leadership and resign.

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