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UPDATE: No jail time for Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott

On October 13, a judge rendered a decision in the case of Chris Scott, which will bar him from offering public criticism of government health orders.

Chris Scott was sentenced to 18 months probation, more than $10,000 in costs and near $20,000 in fines, on top of the three days he too had served.

Chris, along with Artur and Dawid Pawlowski, was given a script by Justice Adam Germain that they are obligated to post along with any views they express online regarding masks, distancing and vaccines that are contrary to Alberta Health Services.

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The owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe is suing the Alberta government for violating his Charter rights through overzealous lockdown enforcement, and he needs your help to hold the health deep state accountable.

Read the lawsuit here:

  • By Ezra Levant

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