Stand With Menzies!

Please chip in to support our lawsuit against Jamie Mitchell, the woke 2+2=5 "math teacher" who assaulted David Menzies for reporting on Kayla Lemieux.

Our reporter David Menzies was physically attacked by a radical, left-wing teacher. We caught it all on video:

As you can see, David had tracked down “Busty” Lemieux, the bizarre male teacher who wears enormous prosthetic breasts to school when he teaches children. It’s pathetic and weird that the Halton District School Board has taken Lemieux’s side against students and parents. Imagine forcing kids to be part of Lemieux’s gross fetish like that. Seriously, not only should Lemieux be fired, but the entire school board, too.

Needless to say, the school board and Lemieux hate reporters like David who ask pesky questions. In fact, they have banned reporters from their meetings and Lemieux has done his best to hide from questions.

But David got a tip about Lemieux’s whereabouts, at a teacher’s convention. And when David started to ask Lemieux some questions, another teacher, a radical activist named Jamie Mitchell, jumped up and assaulted David.

What a thug.

David is one of our most effective reporters. Which is why they hate him so much.

These radical teachers and their school board enablers can’t answer David’s questions. They won't debate him. So they physically attack him.

Well, not on my watch.

I have made a promise to David — and to all of our reporters — that if anyone ever assaults them, we will sue for justice. We will write to the police and demand criminal charges. And if that fails, we will sue them in civil court.

Which is exactly what we’re doing now.

We have written to the police demanding that they investigate Jamie Mitchell. But the police are increasingly politically correct and haven’t done anything yet. So we’re going to go to civil court, to sue on David’s behalf.

If you believe in freedom of the press, and if you believe that no-one should be able to assault our reporters simply for asking a questions, and if you believe the Halton District School Board and their nutty teachers have lost their senses, then please help me fight back for David.

Please chip in to our journalist defence fund.

I estimate that it will cost us $25,000 to see this matter all the way to trial — and of course, Mitchell will likely have the school board paying for his legal defence.

Help us fight back — let’s stand with our dear friend David Menzies.

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