WEF Reports 2024: Mission to Expose the Davos Elites

The fearless Ezra Levant, Australia Bureau Chief Avi Yemini, and a support team are in Davos, Switzerland all week to expose the Global Elites as they orchestrate their agenda for the coming year at the World Economic Forum's 2024 Annual Meeting.

The World Economic Forum has announced "Rebuilding Trust" as the central theme for its 2024 Annual Meeting. This theme, under the guise of fostering a more transparent and accountable global leadership, obscures the truly nefarious motives and elitist beneficiaries of their Great Reset agenda.

WEF Reports 2024: Mission to Expose the Davos Elites is some of the most important journalism we’ve ever done at Rebel News.

This mission is being led by the indomitable Ezra Levant who travelled from Toronto with sidekick Lincoln Jay and award-winning videographer Kian Simone.

Avi Yeminirenowned for his fearless journalism, travelled from Australia with seasoned cameraman Benji Chung.

This Rebel News team is providing the world's most comprehensive independent coverage of the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2024.

But we need your help.

We’re crowdfunding the economy-class airfare to Switzerland. We rented a single economical Airbnb for the whole team to share — even though it’s an hour away from Davos because every hotel room in the city is booked up by the elites. Our team walks and takes the train to and from Davos daily to save money.

Between the flights, the Airbnb, train tickets, meals, and a lot of coffee, this project cost us more than $50,000, even though we've flown economy class and we're sharing a single Airbnb.

Please help us cover the cost of our independent journalism by donating right here on this page.

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