World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 serves as a global platform where oligarchs from various institutions gather in Davos, Switzerland, to scheme about their plans for the world.

Rebel News has sent our fearless Australian reporter Avi Yemini, Lewis Brackpool, Jeremy Loffredo, Rukshan Fernando, Sophie Corcoran, and America's star reporter Savanah Hernandez, to Davos, Switzerland, to cover the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022.

This mission is probably the most important journalism we’ve ever done at Rebel News. But we need your help.

We’re crowdfunding the economy-class airfare to Switzerland. We’ve rented an economical Airbnb for the team — even though it’s an hour away from Davos because every hotel room in the city is booked up by the WEF. Our team will drive in to the town every day to save money.

Between the flights, the Airbnb, the car rental, and meals, this project will cost us more than $14,000, even though we’re going economy class all the way.

Please help us cover the cost of our citizen journalism by donating on this page.


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