Take Toronto Back: Rebel News reporter attacked in public park “tent city;” mayor ignores city's decline

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We decided to venture down to Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods Park the other day after we received a tip from a viewer:

She told us that people have been setting up tents in the park and leaving used needles in the children's playground.

We've covered stories like this before, at other parks, and our reporting may have played some role in getting those areas clean up. So we headed down to Trinity Bellwoods.

By the way, this is the same park that was thrust into the news cycle back in May, when Mayor Tory ordered city staff paint hundreds of white circles on the lawns. Park goers were now being treated like kindergarten children, told to stay in these silly social-distancing circles as bylaw officers and police dutifully patrolled the park looking for any violators who potentially faced an $880 fine for breaching circle etiquette.

Those circles are still visible, but as our tipster indicated, so are the filthy tents, whose occupants are breaking several sections of the Trespass Act. But while a city spokesman says the city is “aware” of the problem, apparently the city isn’t all that keen on actually doing something about it.

Alas, we never got to finish our report yesterday:

While filming, and not engaging with any of the "campers," one of them sicced their dogs on me. Those dogs chewed up my thighs and took a bite out of my left thumb.

I was rushed to hospital to get patched up and receive a tetanus shot. And I’m happy to report that the two thugs have been arrested. But I’m still in some pain.

And I’m pissed off, too.

How is that we have surrendered so many parks to brazen, entitled thugs who don’t belong in parks but rather should be behind bars?

What if a child had been attacked instead of me? How long before that happens?

Today, it's occupiers camping illegally in the park with attack dogs. Tomorrow will they be brandishing knives? And then perhaps guns?

Let’s send a message to Mayor John Tory. This is the same Mayor who built a Berlin-style wall around High Park in May to prevent Torontonians from converging there to smell cherry blossom trees. But he has no issue with allowing filthy, unhygienic and dangerous tent cities to take over so many parks.

Do you feel as enraged and frustrated as I do? If so, please SIGN our petition: TakeTorontoBack.com

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  • By David Menzies

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