Teaching six-year-olds “there's no such thing as a boy or girl” and other issues with Gender Theory

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From the WE scandal to SNC-Lavalin… it’s becoming clear to Canadians that lobbying is an effective agenda-pushing strategy in Trudeau’s corrupt, virtue signalling government.

In this interview I catch up with Dr. Teresa Pierre about her concerns over the gender ideology now being taught in schools.

Teresa is president of the organization “Parents as First Educators.” She started her advocacy group in 2011 over concerns around the teachings of radical sex education happening in the Catholic school system, but it has since become a voice for concerned parents across Canada.

Teresa’s latest battle is over the gender theory concepts being taught to children under the guise of sex education.

Teresa reflects on cases in North America where parents have not consented to this theoretical concept being taught to their very young, impressionable children, and brings up concerning points of adverse health effects from radical gender treatments like hormone therapy and sex changes.

Most concerning, Teresa says that under the new Bill C-6, Canadian parents who advocate that their children are not capable of consenting to radical medical treatments could face jail time. This comes after intense lobbying efforts by self-proclaimed LGBTQ activist Kristopher Wells.

Teresa points to the cases of young people who have made irreversible, life-altering decisions centred around gender theory, and later regretted the changes they made to their body.

Bill C-6 effectively makes it illegal for young people to be stopped from transitioning due to co-morbid psychiatric problems they may have, or for parents to try and step in and stop their children from transitioning.

All children with mental health struggles should be treated with compassion, and part of that compassion is not letting them blindly fall into irreversible treatments with false assurances that transitioning will solve their problems.

Check out my interview with Teresa on where she thinks gender ideology is leading young people and their families.

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