Team Spirit Unicorn fails to de-platform Dr. Jordan Peterson’s speech in Ottawa; score one for freedom of speech!

Oh, who mourns for the spirit unicorn community?

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For weeks on end, the usual woke progressive suspects based in Ottawa were bemoaning the appearance of Dr. Jordan Peterson, who was coming to suburban Kanata, Ont., as part of his Beyond Order world tour.

More than 30 community groups had incessantly bleated to their useful idiot friends in the media on how Dr. Peterson taking the stage inside the Canadian Tire Centre would make Ottawa an “unsafe space.” Seriously, they actually likened a Dr. Peterson speech to a downed live wire…

Even though Dr. Peterson is internationally recognized as one of the keenest minds on the planet, the soy-boys and the quacky Karens remain enraged that Dr. Peterson does not bend the knee when it comes to compelled speech – you know, like using phony-baloney pronouns such as zem/zir and xe/xem (whatever the hell those pronouns mean.)

Spearheading this latest example of cancel culture and censorship was Ottawa city councillor Ariel Troster. In an open letter, she wrote the following: “Ottawa has seen a rise in hate against 2SLGBTQ+ people in recent years. Jordan Peterson’s event undermines the work that the city and community organizations are doing to create stronger and more equitable communities."

Amazing… especially given the good vibes being emitted by the thousands of ticket-buyers (and hey, sure beats going to a Senators game.)

Of note, last week, a coalition of groups released a statement condemning the event. The group noted that Dr. Peterson was an “avid supporter” of the “Freedom Convoy”. Oh my God! He’s a freedom convoy supporter? Why isn’t Peterson in jail? Why aren’t his bank accounts frozen?

The group went on to state: “This is not the only reason that we express our concern around this event. The toxic, and often violent, rhetoric touted by Peterson—whose quasi-academic ideas are misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and racist has led to an increased environment of hate, especially toward the trans community, that has been very present in Ottawa.” Naturally, no tangible examples of transphobia, homophobia, etc,, were presented – perhaps because there are no tangible examples...

The letter was signed by more than 30 organizations, including the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and – this one really takes the cake – the Ottawa Historical Fencing Society! Good golly – even the swordsmen in our nation's capital have a bone to pick with Dr. Peterson and his common sense approach to life? Yikes.

But kudos to the Canadian Tire Centre: the venue stood firm and did not bend the knee to the cancel culture crusaders.

As well, even though it was suggested that a large contingency of the alphabet soup people would be staging a protest outside the Canadian Tire Centre last Monday night, not a single zem or zir or xe or xem had the balls to show up. Even the membership of the Ottawa Historical Fencing Society went into retreat mode.

Finally, it turned out that all the manufactured controversy regarding Peterson and his punditry only resulted in the Barbra Streisand Effect. Which is to say, the incessant whining of the various gender-benders actually led to an uptick in ticket sales.

Indeed, here’s what Dr. Peterson tweeted the other day: Thanks to all 36 groups protesting my forthcoming Jan 30 Ottawa lecture (many funded by @JustinTrudeau's Liberals). We've been forced to expand seating to accommodate all the extra purchasers of tickets.”

So, score one for freedom of speech. It would appear there is hope when it comes to taking a stand against thugs who alter at the shrine of wokeness and censorship after all…

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