Teenager suffers vaccine reaction, now wheelchair bound

Within minutes of receiving her second COVID shot, Jasmine experienced pins and needles in her foot, tightening at the back of her neck and a headache.

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In this interview, I feature another story of vaccine injury. The same kind of injury that is censored or downplayed by mainstream media, TV doctors and second-rate public health bureaucrats as “rare.”

Jasmine Comeau is a 17-year-old Grade 12 student from Miramichi, New Brunswick.

She was eager to get back to normal so she could enjoy her final year of high school, and wanted to do her part to ensure that would happen. Her medical officer of health, Dr. Jennifer Russell, even went so far as claiming “There is a road back to somewhat of a normal life and it runs through a vaccination clinic…

Jasmine’s mother, Diane Siemens, and her have been left to try to advocate for themselves and navigate unchartered territory with little to no support from the very government that coerced this statistically at zero-risk teenager into this injection.

Diane is a Licensed Practical Nurse who is also doubly vaccinated. Her experience was much different than Jasmine's.

A few days after New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs' proof-of-vaccine mandate came into effect, Jasmine caved and signed up to receive her second Pfizer injection.

Immediately she felt the liquid go into her arm and run cold throughout her veins. Within minutes, she experiencing pins and needles in her foot, tightening at the back of her neck and a headache.

After expressing concerns to her mother, clinic staff had Jasmine wait an additional 10 minutes — for a total of 25 minutes — before releasing her with instructions to go home, take Advil and rest.

Within four days Jasmine’s mother called an ambulance when after her condition worsened and she became increasingly unable to walk.

She now experiences pain daily, including tremors and muscle spasms that last upwards of 45 minutes. Jasmine is now wheelchair bound and unable to live a normal life. She cannot navigate the bathroom, and her hospital bed now occupies her family's dining room, since she cannot climb the stairs to her bedroom — a space she recalls as being “very pretty.”

Jasmine and Diane are forced to rent hospital equipment such as a walker, a hospital bed and a wheelchair. They have been told that Jasmine’s condition is temporary, but as months drag on, they question this prognosis. Her medications and supplements are extensive and expensive.

Diane has also been off work to assist Jasmine with the 24/7 care that she now requires. Their finances have become so strained that Diane set up a GoFundMe account to help with the endless costs.

The mother and daughter duo want to see an end to vaccine mandates before more children and adolescents are maimed. They express concern over the lack of informed consent and wish the news and government officials educated the public about the serious potential of vaccine injury.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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