Tens of thousands of Canadians uniting for freedom: Ezra shows some of the viral TikTok videos

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Trudeau denounced the convoy as racist and like usual he couldn't be more wrong. 

With so many people, and such an amorphous, organic group — really, almost leaderless; the Métis lady Tamara Lich who is organizing it is giving lots of pep talks and certainly doing lots of work, and she did an amazing job raising money, but she’s not actually directing all the convoy strands, and certainly not the thousands of joiners who have just followed along.

Not to put her down at all — she’s amazing — this isn’t a group of professional protests like the left has, who are used to obeying orders; these are people who have never protested before, in the main.

They’re TikTok people. They’re Sikh truckers. They’re normies.

On Friday's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra goes through some of the viral TikTok videos that show people from all walks of life showing up in support of the freedom trucker convoy. On the media and Trudeau portraying these people as angry, misguided, racists Ezra says:

It's the normal nature of the convoy that scares Trudeau — the widespreadness of it...But the old 60s hippies, the white liberal progressives, of The Toronto Star, say everyone's angry and misguided. You know I think most of the anger is coming from the media and Trudeau. The truckers and the crowds seem almost jubilant and sure reveling in the people's power.

This is only an excerpt of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode become a RebelNews+ subscriber.

Rebels including Ezra are in Ottawa for the weekend to report on what they see. Half our team will be there covering the news. You can track it all at ConvoyReports.com.

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