Terror strikes town of Uvalde, Texas, as local resident commits worst school shooting in state history

An 18-year-old gunman allegedly entered an elementary school and opened fire on a classroom full of children yesterday afternoon.

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The shooting took place at Robb Elementary School. Reports as of the morning of May 25 indicate that at least 19 children and two adults are dead while several more children are wounded.

A heavy police presence was present throughout the day as investigations started and medical personnel from surrounding counties arrived to provide assistance.

Reports also show that the shooter allegedly shot his grandmother in his house before heading out. Local residents near the school also told Rebel News that the shooter crashed his car outside the school, where he began shooting nearby bystanders shortly after.

A local resident told Rebel News, “He crashed into the ditch. I went over the street, and checked it out and there were two people from the funeral home who went to check on him, and I heard there gunshots. They started running.”

The shooter was eliminated by a tactical U.S. Border unit called BORTAC after a firefight with law enforcement inside the school.

Another mass shooting recently occurred in Buffalo, New York, where the shooter live-streamed his rampage at the grocery store where he murdered 10 people.

The shooting at Robb Elementary is the deadliest school shooting in the United States since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

Update: local residents inform Rebel News that staff members they knew inside the school claim the shooter was piling up the corpses to set up a barricade.

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