Thanks to the COVID-Karen brigade in West Lincoln, Ont., the mayor got shut out of his own event

The mayor then went on to hold a protest attracting hundreds of supporters.

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A not-so-funny thing happened to Dave Bylsma, the mayor of West Lincoln, Ont., while en route to the West Lincoln Arena and Community Centre: namely, Mayor Bylsma was prevented from taking part in the opening ceremonies for the 13 for 13 Cultural Festival that is part of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games. That was a big problem granted that the mayor himself was supposed to officially open the event.

Here's what happened: because of inclement weather, the opening ceremonies for the 13 for 13 Cultural Festival were moved from an outdoor venue to an indoor one. Alas, due to the township’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, Mayor Bylsma was forbidden from entering the public indoor facility because he will not reveal his vaccination status. Translation: the COVID-Karens automatically assume that he is unvaccinated, and therefore, Mayor Byslma is the modern-day version of Typhoid Mary…

In a statement regarding this outrageous snub, a spokethingy for the township said that the COVID-19 vaccination policy has been in place via the Occupational Health and Safety Act since September 2021. Naturally, it is based on “scientific and health data,” and is in place to protect township employees, council members, and the community at large.

Um, we stand to be corrected, but are we not currently residing in the third quarter of 2022 as opposed to 2021? Aren’t things slowly but surely returning to normal? One needn’t be vaccinated to attend a sports event and most of the mask mandates in Ontario were put out to pasture in March. So, what gives in West Lincoln? Is this the township that time forgot? A place still beholden to weird science?

But Mayor Bylsma did not go down without raising a stink. So it was that he staged a protest outside the community centre, which attracted hundreds of supporters. Alas, we are saddened to report that during the protest, numerous hate symbols were spotted (i.e., the flag of Canada) and the new “F-word” (that being, “freedom”) was chanted repeatedly.

Oh, the horror, the horror…

Check out our interview with Mayor Bylsma regarding what is surely another slice of COVID-19-inspired insanity…

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