Thanksgiving Day is a time to be thankful. For pro-Hamas demonstrators in Toronto, they were thankful indeed for the slaughter of more than 800 innocent Israelis…

What happened in Israel was akin to a scene right from the Holocaust.

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Thanksgiving is surely a day in which so many of us are very thankful for what we enjoy. Surely millions of Canadians are thankful for their good health, their loved ones, a roof over their heads, and food on the table.

Alas, for over a thousand pro-Hamas demonstrators who gathered at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on Thanksgiving Day, they were thankful for something entirely different: namely, the savage massacre of more than 800 Israelis last Saturday.

What happened in Israel was akin to a scene right from the Holocaust. It didn’t matter if the person was a young girl or a senior citizen, Hamas terrorists were indiscriminately slaughtering people. Naked, dismembered bodies were paraded in the streets by the Hamas rank and file. Dozens were kidnapped.

And yet, the people gathered at Nathan Phillips Square were not condemning this grotesque act of terrorism, rather, they were actually celebrating the barbarism. Again, let us reiterate: this gross celebration took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – not Ramallah.

As expected, none of the ringleaders of this disturbing hate-fest were arrested, Tamara Lich-style, as they advocated death to Israel. Nobody had their bank accounts frozen. Prime Minister Blackface didn’t infer that these people were Nazis, even though the terrorists the pro-Hamas demonstrators were lauding can be accurately described as Islamo-Nazis.

No, that would be impolite in a nation in which diversity is our strength – even if that diversity includes those who think that the deliberate slaughter of innocent civilians is a good thing.

We had some key questions to ask the pro-Hamas demonstrators. Alas, our interviews were routinely interrupted by the organizers. Why? Good question. Maybe they didn’t want the marchers to offer embarrassing answers to our queries, some of which included:

1. Should Canada take Hamas off the list of banned terrorist organizations?

2. Are you worried you’ll be charged with supporting a terrorist group by supporting Hamas?

3. Do you think that Hamas or other groups should take actions against Jews or Israel supporters here in Canada?

4. What was it about the Hamas attack that caught your attention? What was the part that inspired you the most?

5. How many people in your community support Hamas? What is the percentage?

Finally, the most bizarre pro-Hamas demonstrator was surely a trans-person. He/she was an obvious male, yet wearing earrings and a dress in a failed attempt to look female. We asked how well he/she would be treated in the Palestinian Authority. No comment. Gee, why would that be?

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