Trump's triumphant speech at Davos shows the world how to act like a leader

January 23, 2020


Every January, the world’s business elites gather in the town of Davos, Switzerland, for a giant jamboree of wealth and power called the World Economic Forum. Billionaire go there, corporate tycoons — but also politicians and other grifters.

It’s Trudeau’s kind of place — imagine having the world’s investors in a room, and talking about what a feminist you are. Normally it’s the empty celebrities who Trudeau impresses with his socks; the heads of government, the heads of business actually gather to talk government and business. But Trudeau has so little to say.

What a loser.

Not Donald Trump’s kind of place — but he still went this week, and he gave a speech that was completely the opposite of the hollow, vain, narcissistic, woke, emptiness of Trudeau’s.

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