The censorious control freaks who run the Durham District School Board ramp up their war against concerned parents by refusing to entertain questions via Zoom

'Things have just changed a lot in the past couple of years, and they need to go back to the old ways,' said one parent.

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Just when you thought it could not get any worse at the Whitby, Ontario-based Durham District School Board, well … it gets worse.

For weeks now, this publicly-funded school board has BANNED parents (i.e., the taxpayers who pay the salaries of trustees) from attending school board meetings. This ban is based on a blatant lie. Namely, concerned parents and grandparents have been deemed persona non grata due to “safety” reasons. Allegedly, “violence” erupted at the May 15 meeting.

Just one hitch: we have yet to find any eyewitnesses nor have we uncovered video evidence indicating that acts of violence occurred at this meeting.

But last Monday, the DDSB ramped up the censorship. Namely, the educrats refused to take Zoom questions from parents. Unbelievable…

Apparently, DDSB educrats deem “insensitive” questions from parents to be… acts of violence?

Such as: why is pornography available to DDSB elementary students at school libraries? (Case in point: check out such novels as Identical, Glass, Fallout, All Boys Aren’t Blue, and Looking for Alaska, which feature explicit descriptions of drug use, violence, sex, and even incest!).

So it was that parents were yet again ordered off of school property by security guards and police officers, to carry out their protest on the sidewalk.

They were met by a small counter-protest staged by the rainbow alphabet community. One counter-demonstrator, who insisted on being referred to as “she/they,” brandished a sign condemning the multi-faith parents and their allies as “Nazis.” Yet again, the tolerant “love trumps hate” left show their true colours…

And yet again, we are forced once more to ask the following query: where in blue hell is Ontario’s milquetoast Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce? When is this alleged “conservative” going to reign in Ontario’s out of control school boards? Or perhaps lame duck Lecce agrees with their woke, Marxist agendas? 

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