The Fight Continues: Rebel's Sydney Fizzard breaks down his five most compelling reports of the year

As 2022 comes to a close, I thought it would be important to share with you a recap of the top 5 reports I’ve done through the year.

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This recap is partly to remind myself of the damage done to people because of COVID lockdowns, and also to prepare for what may lie ahead.

First, a shoutout to the weekly rallies against injection mandates and COVID restrictions, which have gone on tirelessly through the pandemic.

I started 2022 off by interviewing Pastor Artur Pawlowski at his local Calgary Church. Artur defended his religious liberties to gather, and to feed the marginalized since the beginning of the lockdowns. Little did I know he would be arrested AGAIN later that day because of further alleged COVID violations.

Later in January, we went to demonstrations in support of Without Papers Pizza, a local restaurant which refused to implement COVID injection Mandates and decided to serve everyone regardless of what we call Vaccine Status. Police cracked down on the restaurant before this report, but that didn’t stop the at times daily demonstrations by supporters who were against these COVID jab measures.

As January was wrapping up and while the freedom Convoy was en route to Ottawa, adjacent demonstrations were brewing in support of the convoy across the country. One of these demonstrations was the Coutts Blockade, taking place at the largest international border crossing here in Alberta. This event lasted 18 days, saw the lifting of numerous COVID restrictions in Alberta, and catalyzed former Premier Jason Kenney’s stepping down as the United Conservative Party leader.

I could go on about the Coutts Blockade for days, and surprisingly we’ll touch on this event again momentarily, but for now, go to to find out more about this situation.

Another tragic story to come out of the so-called pandemic is the story of Sheila Anette Lewis, Sheila requires a life-saving organ transplant to survive. Even though she did everything required to be eligible for this transplant, new requirements to be jabbed for COVID are now preventing her from this life-saving surgery.

I would ask you to go to and find out more about her story, get involved, and show our politicians that they’re going too far with these mandates.

Finally, we touched on the Coutts Blockade which turned out to be part of an unprecedented, decentralized movement across Canada against COVID health regulations, but even though the town of Coutts and the border no longer host these blockade demonstrations, the government hadn’t finished punishing the tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators who supported this movement. Half a year later under Justice Minister Tyler Shandro, three of these peaceful demonstrators were alleged by RCMP to have been ‘key participants’ of what was a grassroots movement across the country against government health mandates. Each could spend 10 years in prison because of these charges, even though these family men were explicitly peaceful, and their actual involvement in blockade group determinations is wildly in question.

These court proceedings are not only unjust but also extremely costly. Luckily for Alex, Marco, and George, Rebel News has their backs and decided to cover the legal fees so they don’t have to. This is made possible through your donations at, we’re talking potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars just to defend them against these punitive charges. If you aren’t looking to finance this at the moment, then I encourage you to head to that URL and sign the petition we have calling on Danielle Smith – the new premier – to fairly measure what’s being done here, and accurately assess this situation the former premier created, and consequently stepped down because of.

That’s all I’ll leave you with for the time being, but let me remind you that even though the COVID narrative is subsiding, real damage has not only been done, it’s also ongoing. Unvaccinated Canadians are being denied life-saving surgeries, businesses shut down for treating the unvaccinated like humans remain closed, and peaceful demonstrators are still facing decades of potential prison time for their alleged involvement in peaceful demonstrations against draconian COVID enforcement.

But it is fair to say the world isn’t one-sided, I wouldn’t dare imagine what Canada would look like if people didn’t stand up and say enough to the pain and suffering our government has punished us with over and over for the last three years. In fact, it is because of those who stood for all of us when times were darkest that we have the liberties we cherish today.

That’s why I want to thank you all for watching to the end, Sydney Fizzard, Rebel News.

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  • By Rebel News

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