The Liberals are looking for ways to recycle or throw out unused PPE

A new Request For Information posted by Public Service and Procurement Canada indicates that the Liberals have once again mismanaged the national strategic stockpile of medical protective equipment, and are seeking advice to dispose of it.

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In 2019, the Public Health Agency of Canada failed to rotate medical PPE stored in a pandemic in Saskatchewan, leading to millions of dollars of masks, gowns and gloves expiring before they could be used.

The PPE was sent to the landfill before the kickoff of the March 2020 coronavirus pandemic, which left public health officials scrambling to purchase replacement PPE from suppliers across the globe, at inflated, scarcity driven rates.

Much of the PPE Canada had remaining in its strategic stockpile, some 16 tonnes, was sent to China for pandemic relief.

Now, with the strategic stockpile replete with supplies, history and Liberal mismanagement is repeating itself. Public Services and procurement Canada is sourcing advice about how to dispose of more unused medical PPE.

RFI for personal protective equipment repurposing, recycling or converting to waste.

Public Services and Procurement Canada is seeking information from industry on what environmentally friendly resources exist to either repurpose, recycle or convert to waste unused personal protective equipment, PSPC is gathering knowledge to understand better market readiness from suppliers, industry associations and other stakeholders to inform procurement, divestment and other opportunities and partnerships related to end of life.

Perhaps they could print Canadian currency on the unused expired masks. The way the Liberals waste our money so carelessly, it's quickly becoming worthless anyway.

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