Liberals seek contractor to make new Heritage Minute promoting Canadian history, achievement and culture

What are your 'Canada-Under-Trudeau' Heritage Minutes?

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The posting for the $170,000 contract for one minute of video production was recently posted by Historica Canada to the government and non-profit tenders and procurements website MERX.

Historica Canada is a non-profit but is funded by the Government of Canada.

Given the events of the last few years under the Liberals and the constant defining of Canadian values by the media and the government, I have some suggestions for a Heritage Minute of my own spawned by the largest human rights demonstration in Canada in a generation, the Freedom Convoy.

There's the Wellington Walloping of anti-covid protesters and journalists at the hands of police for the crime of being the most effective opposition Trudeau has faced in seven years in power.

Taking Away Tamara Lich, the peace-loving Metis grandma, for standing up for Trudeau. She was held for 48 days on mischief-related offences for organizing the convoy.

And the Canadian Cackle, by finance minister Chrystia Freeland, as she seized bank accounts of peaceful protesters.

What are your "Canada-Under-Trudeau" Heritage Minutes?

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