The Moonshine Cafe reverses decision to only allow double jabbed people dine in their restaurant

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Earlier this month, The Moonshine Café in Oakville, Ontario, received a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons.

You see, the owners, John and Jane Marlatt, announced on their social media channels that if you want to get served at their establishment, you must be double-jabbed. Well, cue the outrage. And for good reason. After all, what about reasonable accommodation considerations for those who are not medically able to receive the vaccination? Or for children?

The cafe’s owners were soon bombarded by those who were mightily perturbed that a private business would be applying its own makeshift vaccine passport. After all, isn’t medical information personal and confidential? I mean, you wouldn’t ask a patron making a dinner reservation if he or she had a history of sexually transmitted diseases. And by the way, whatever happened to that chestnut the progressives have long held sacred when it comes to abortion — you know: “My body, my choice”?

I reached out to John Marlatt last Friday to discuss. And John strikes me as a really good guy who, in his heart of hearts, truly believed he was doing the right thing. Indeed, he told me he ran the mandatory vax idea past his regular customers before announcing it, and it received unanimous approval from them.

Alas, that was not the case when it came to the population at large. John says he was deluged with nasty phone calls decrying the decision. And when word got out that a protest of his café was scheduled for last Saturday, John quickly revamped the policy and announced it on social media. And so it is that the mandatory vaccination rule is now deader than disco. Needless to say, the protest was cancelled, the vax-choice demonstrators winning this particular battle without having to fire a single shot.

For what it’s worth, I think this is a win-win. After all, we should not have two classes of citizens — those who choose to receive an experimental vaccine and those who do not. And John now has a larger customer base, given the lack of restrictions.

But behind the scenes, I think our elected leaders want private businesses like The Moonshine Cafe to establish and police mandatory vaccine policies. Oh sure, the premiers and the prime minister have dismissed the idea of mandatory vaccination passports. But I think that’s because they are counting on the private sector to implement this policy on their own, since our fearful leaders don’t want to take the heat.

Case in point: a few days ago, GoodLife Fitness tweeted out the following: “Hey there! At this time, we are not planning to require Associates or Members to be vaccinated to enter our locations.” Well, good for GoodLife, I say.

Yet, check out this social media response from none other than Gerald Butts, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s best boyfriend and puppet-master supreme. Butts said the following:

GoodLife is going to regret this.

What the hell is that, Gerry — a threat? A threat to a company that is not breaking any law, but rather, doing the right thing from a moral and ethical perspective? Give me a break!

Bottom line: businesses respecting those persons who do not get the vaccination is indeed the way to go. And next time I’m in Oakville, I plan to swing by The Moonshine Cafe and grab a bite. I’m happy to know that I am now a welcome patron even though I am 100 per cent unvaccinated. And I want to support this cafe for, well, doing the right thing.

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