NCI wraps up in Toronto after hearing nearly 30 hours of compelling testimonies by those harmed by COVID response

A highlight of the proceedings detailed the difference between propaganda and newsgathering, and a former journalist describes the CBC as a state broadcaster that betrayed Canadians.

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Spokeswoman for the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI), Michelle Leduc-Catlin, attempts to summarize the hearings in an exclusive interview with Rebel News.

There has been a litany of scientific evidence presented with compelling evidence that there has been a concerted government and media effort to manipulate facts.

“There have been systemic problems – problems with the courts, problems with the police, problems with judges, with the Charter [of Rights and Freedoms] – we’re looking at this from every angle. I would say that the thing that has been the most disturbing is the lack of humanity with which people have been treated… Some have demonstrated a brutality that is completely unexpected in this country, but also just ordinary citizens standing by and watching this as if it’s a spectacle.”

Speaking on the judicial system, Leduc-Catlin notes how judges are supposed to be impartial and unbiased. Yet they have “taken a bias toward the government in assuming that they must be right in COVID-related policies,” she says. “That’s disturbing and problematic.”

In terms of what could change moving forward, Leduc-Catlin says that she would like to be able to say what the COVID-response got right.

“This is not a political witch-hunt, it’s an attempt to get some answers to do better in the future” clarifies Leduc-Catlin. “Unfortunately there has not been a lot said about what was done right.”

Leduc-Catlin highlights former international investigative journalist Rodney Palmer’s testimony where he dissected the difference between newsgathering and propaganda.

“It should be a lesson in media that everybody should watch. It was incredible what was put forward to us. It was one of the keys to the puzzle as to how we got to this place.”

In Palmer’s testimony he shows with evidence that the CBC has actively promoted fear and hatred toward people who were unvaccinated. 

“They are standing on the shoulders of decades of excellent journalism to trick us into believing that they are telling us the truth,” Palmer said in his testimony.

Rodney Palmer said:

The Government roll out of the vaccines was impossible without the collaboration of the CBC.

They took an exceptional moment in history to decide that they would not be journalists; they would instead be public health messengers. But the emergency is over and the exception continues.

An exceptional time could be allowed for forgiveness but the temporary suspension of journalism at the CBC starting in March 2020 and the adoption of its new position as government public health messenger has failed to expire with the end of the emergency.

The result is that Canada’s national broadcaster has morphed into a state broadcaster.

I worked in countries where there were state broadcasters – China, Syria, Malawi, North Korea – it’s promoting government policy without question while censoring, belittling and shaming learned Canadians who dare to object and attempt to inform of us of the truth. Bad journalism is incompetence, but propaganda is betrayal and that’s what CBC has done – it has betrayed us all.

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