The passing of Joshua Pineau won’t be classified as a COVID-19 death. Maybe it should be…

And so it was that Joshua contacted Cornerstone to Recovery, an addiction treatment centre based in Newmarket, Ont.

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On Oct. 28, 2022, Joshua Pineau of Barrie, Ont., passed away.

He did not die due to contracting COVID-19; rather, he may have died due to a rigid COVID-19 policy that prevented him from seeking the help he so desperately needed,

According to his aunt, Jackie Pineau, the 32-year-old Joshua had been battling with addiction for some 15 years. This included both alcohol and hard drugs such as cocaine.

But Jackie notes that for the last few years, Joshua was “fighting very hard to be clean.”

Indeed, it appeared that he was beginning to turn the corner. He was very active in Alcoholics Anonymous, Drugs Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous; at one point Joshua was even a guest speaker at a substance abuse seminar in Toronto.

Furthermore, he had secured his own apartment and a full-time job.

Alas, Joshua continued to struggle with his demons. He continually relapsed and eventually Joshua came to the realization that he needed professional help to get clean once and for all. Says Jackie: “For an addict, it is very difficult to reach out for help — but he did.”

And so it was that Joshua contacted Cornerstone to Recovery, an addiction treatment centre based in Newmarket, Ont. Joshua wanted to secure a residential stay at The Ranch, a venue where addicts reside for treatment. Everything was secured, including a bed — but Joshua never got to experience a single night at The Ranch. The reason: the Cornerstone screener asked Joshua if he had been vaccinated for COVID-19. When Joshua answered no and said he had no plans to get the jab, Cornerstone rejected his application. Says Jackie: “Cornerstone slammed the door in his face!”

Jackie then began pleading with Cornerstone to reconsider their policy. But she received a hard no. There would be no negotiations, there would be no exemptions. Jackie was informed that the vaccination policy was in place in order to protect the health and safety of both clients and staff members. Period.

Eventually, Cornerstone representatives began ignoring Jackie’s subsequent phone calls and emails. (Rebel News reached out to Tina Bentley, Cornerstone’s director of community programs, but at the time of publication we had yet to hear back.)

Tragically, Joshua was not able to overcome those debilitating addictions. On Oct. 28, he ingested a bad batch of cocaine that was laced with fentanyl and died in the living room of his apartment.

Bottom line: Joshua Pineau did not perish from COVID-19. But the evidence would seem to suggest that he might’ve passed away due, in part, to a rigid COVID-19 policy.


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