The RCMP shouldn't be handling rural Alberta — Keean joins David to discuss the Help Jeremia success

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On this week's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by Albertan Rebel Keean Bexte to discuss the successful dropping of charges against a teenaged farmer, Jeremia. 

The original story, viewed nearly 700,000 times on YouTube, generated so much positive support for Jeremia that the police, perhaps realizing their mistake, backed off. 

Keean recently had a chance to catchup with Jeremia, who told him his side of the story, now feeling confident enough to speak out since the legal proceedings had been dropped.

Keean told David how the RCMP really shouldn't be policing rural Alberta, saying:

They don't know anything about rural Alberta. They are city slickers by definition. Their jobs are to protect the premier, to protect VIPs, even the opposition leader in some cases; to protect the governor general, to protect prisoners during transport.

A whole lineup of really important jobs, but what happens to be on that list as well is rural traffic enforcement, which makes absolutely no sense because they're two totally different worlds of law. And two totally different types of people.

The training has clearly not been done properly to allow them to know basic things like tractor's aren't motor vehicles; they are not subject to the same laws, and that incompetence led to the violent arrest with Jeremia, and is a serious issue that needs to be solved.

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