“The real virus, is the fear that divides us”: Mandatory mask protest hits Vancouver streets

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Quebec, Toronto, and now Calgary.

What do these places have in common?

All three Canadian cities in Canada have mandated mask policies for indoor public spaces, WAIT FOR IT... after the worst of the pandemic is over, or at least never materialized as promised.

While some people may prefer to wear masks everywhere indoors because they feel safer, others feel that being forced to wear one infringes on their rights. Where do we draw the line, especially after all the mixed messages from Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam about if masks are effective at all?

Broward County, Florida passed an order that requires facial covering procedures while at home. In BC, health officials advise you to wear a mask while being intimate with someone else.

How is that for the new norm?

For a group called a Celebration of Rights and Freedoms, that line was crossed as soon as the first Canadian city mandated face coverings. That’s why the co-founder of the group, Ryan Kulbaba, from the Vancouver area, organized a nationwide “March to Unmask” protest this past Sunday. When it comes to face coverings, this group wants the right to decide to mask up or not.

Peaceful Protest Attracts Support, Disapproval

The protest over the weekend began at Jack Poole Plaza, in downtown Vancouver. After gathering, the protesters marched around the surrounding areas where they received both support and disapproval from onlookers. The marchers then looped back to Jack Poole Plaza, where designated speakers gave speeches regarding mask-wearing to the crowd.

So what do you think?

Are Canadians against mandated masks heartless psychopaths putting everyone’s grandparents at risk?

Or are they civil rights champions committed to upholding fundamental freedoms while trying to put the government back in its place?

What’s more in danger from the coronavirus? Freedom or public health?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant

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