The Rebel News team is on the ground to cover the police-state curfew in Quebec — and we need your help

I was amazed to see the resources deployed to enforce this state of terror when the health-care system is literally falling apart.

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Hello everyone! I'm Alexa from Rebel News and I live in the new terrifying province of Quebec. I am making this video today because I need help, and I need you.

What is happening in Quebec right now is disturbing and no other media is going to really show you the other side of the story. Since the beginning of this crisis, Rebel News has been the only media outlet covering and helping thousands of Canadians against this abuse of power that the government is taking on through this health emergency. At the end of the day, Quebec is the place in North America where the freedom-killing measures are the most extreme and as you know, Quebec is also a precursor of what will happen to the other provinces afterwards.

That's why it's important to show what's going on in this obscure province where the language is different and it's difficult to know what's going on. For this, I will need my colleagues who are outside the province to come and help me. That's why we brought Yanky Pollak from Florida and we're going to ask Lincoln Jay from Toronto to come and cover this weekend — but it's going to cost us a lot of money and we're going to need their help, especially in the next few months. For those of you who want to help, please go to and please donate generously, every dollar counts so we can show you the tyranny that is going on in Quebec.

A quick update on what's happening in la Belle Province — last Thursday Christian Dubé announced new measures for the non-vaccinated. The vaccine passport will be used, starting January 18, in the SAQ and the SQDC, which are two state-owned companies that monopolize the sale of hard liquor, wine and other spirits as well as cannabis.

During the first wave these services were considered essential and remained open — even Premier Legault found it appropriate to make a joke about it. Today, they use them as an incentive to vaccinate the non-compliant. In addition, Mr. Dubé made a direct threat to the unvaccinated, mentioning that they would not be the only two places and that it would extend to all non-essential places, and that from the end of February the doubly vaccinated would no longer have access to their vaccine pass and will need the third dose.

Now we understand more why the government has asked for the help of the Canadian army to execute the mass vaccination in Quebec. We are currently the only place in North America and one of the few places in the world to use a curfew, a war measure according to Horacio Arruda, director of public health and social services. According to CBC, in some studies used to justify the curfew, "the publisher is designated as having questionable practices". With the highest vaccination rate of about 90%, Quebec will go down in history as having the most voluntary cooperation of its population and where the violation of rights and freedoms have been the most violated, in Canada at least. And then what? Let me remind you that Mr. Dubé has not ruled out the possibility of mandatory vaccination.

Yanky, my videographer Guillaume and I recently covered the curfew in Quebec to see if the police would once again participate in reinforcing this measure. I was amazed to see the resources deployed to enforce this state of terror when the health care system is literally falling apart. We want to show you what is going on here and we need help with travel, hotels, and our manpower. Also, we don't know yet if any of us will be arrested or assaulted, like last year. So I refer you to and please, we need your help in large numbers! Thank you so much.

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