'The right to protest does not apply to trucks': Looking back at Trucker Commission Day 21

Public safety officials from Alberta and Ontario gave their testimony on day 21 of the Public Order Emergency Commission.

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Before resting to honour Remembrance Day this past Friday, last Thursday marked day 21 of the ongoing Public Order Emergency Commission. For those who might be unaware, this inquiry is taking place because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to invoke the never-before-used Emergencies Act on peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters in February 2022 as they protested federal COVID-19 mandates.

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On day 21, the witnesses appearing in front of the commission were Marlin Degrand, provincial assistant deputy minister of public safety and emergency services for Alberta, and Mario Di Tommaso, Ontario's deputy solicitor general. Di Tommaso's testimony was a continuation, as the day prior a lawyer with the commission collapsed while examining him.

Degrand was the first one to testify, and you can see a bit of what he had to say here:

DeGrand is with the Alberta government, and though the border was blocked during some periods by truckers, farmers and supporters in Coutts, the Alberta government has come out against the use of the Emergencies Act to dissipate the protest, given that the protest in Coutts was resolved before the Emergencies Act was invoked.

You can see an exclusive, in-depth look at the story of the Coutts border blockade by the journalists who were there at TruckerDocumentary.com.

The mayor of the village, Jim Willett, testified the week prior.

Degrand also testified that he was not aware on the eve of its invocation that the Emergencies Act was about to be used.

Moving on to the second witness who testified on day 21, let's take a look at Di Tommaso’s testimony. Here's some of what he testified to:

Humorously enough, Di Tommaso mentioned that the right to protest “does not apply to trucks.” He also compared the protest in Ottawa to the protests taking place in Toronto.

Di Tommaso also stated that when, prior to the Emergencies Act being invoked, he called federal Deputy Minister of Public Safety Rob Stewart to figure out if the act would be invoked, no response was given.

There was "silence" the evidence shows. 

Finally, following the day’s proceedings, we invited Tom Marazzo, key figure in the Freedom Convoy, to our livestream. In addition to Marazzo, Rebel News reporter Sydney Fizzard also touched on the testimonies, his assessment of the Coutts border blockade, and more. Fizzard was on the ground alongside fellow Rebel Kian Simone during the Coutts protests. Who better to provide an analysis of the situation there alongside the testimonies we heard. 

There you have it, that's everything you need to know about day 21 of the Public Order Emergency Commission.

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