Last year, West Lincoln's mayor was barred from an official event because he was unvaccinated

'It had nothing to do with health and safety,' said former mayor, Dave Bylsma. 'It was a scheme or a plan to get compliance, to get obedience, to test the waters, and to see what kind of resistance there would be in the community.'

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You may recall the bizarre story of Dave Bylsma, the now ex-mayor of West Lincoln, Ont.

Last August, Canada Games festivities were scheduled for West Lincoln. Namely, the town was staging an event to welcome Saskatchewan’s athletes and officials. And naturally, Mayor Bylsma was going to be part of that event.

Alas, given that the weather forecast that day looked quite ominous (heavy rain was expected), the event was moved indoors so that participants wouldn’t be drenched.

At first blush, that doesn’t seem to be a big deal. But it turned out to be a very big deal indeed for Mayor Bylsma.

That’s because since the outdoor event turned into an indoor event, the mayor couldn’t offer his welcoming remarks to the Saskatchewan delegation. 

Alas, West Lincoln township had a vaccination policy in effect at the time. Which is to say, in order to “protect” staff, council and the community from the continued spread of COVID-19, one had to be fully vaccinated in order to gain entry to township property. And that included Mayor Bylsma.

Talk about a not-so-insignificant hitch. Indeed, Dave Bylsma went from being the mayor of West Lincoln to a modern-day version of Typhoid Mary given his vaccination status.

As a result of this vaccine apartheid, a protest erupted outside the venue in support of Mayor Bylsma – and, for that matter, anyone else who wasn’t keen on taking an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

Recently, we caught up with Mayor Bylsma at Fringy Family Day, which commemorated the first anniversary of the Ottawa freedom convoy.

Check out our interview with the now-former mayor of West Lincoln.


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