The US-Mexico border migrant crisis is a catastrophe – will YOU help Rebel show the world?

The lawless US southern border is experiencing a human trafficking crisis. Democrat and RINO led America-last policies are reaping havoc on communities across the US as millions take the dangerous and expensive journey overland. Help us fund Juan's reports.

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The United States southern border has gotten out of control. Record-high amounts of people and drugs have been smuggled illegally since Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, as seen with Customs and Border Protections fiscal data.

Juan Mendoza, bilingual reporter for Rebel News, has already uncovered and debunked many of the lies unfolding at the border spread by the mainstream media. He has shown the rape trees, where women are tied and sexually assaulted by coyotes. He's caught on camera an unaccompanied toddler who was found wandering alone in the desert. He has shown the ecological damage the farmers on the border are experiencing thanks to illegal immigration. He has documented the strain being put on border patrol. He has shown the sheer volumes of migrants pouring across the border. He has also shown how Latino Americans on the border are often the first ones to pay the price for Biden's open border policies.

The mainstream media wants you to be unaware of this border crisis, and of the parties responsible for it.

We need your help to continue to bring you all these important reports to I am doing real journalism instead of what the mainstream does, following people around like AOC as they stage photo ops at fences for sympathy. I am also speaking to the illegal immigrants in Spanish to give you all their stories and motivations for making the dangerous journey to the United States.

Think the crisis doesn’t affect your community away from the border? Think again. Fentanyl is becoming one of the main killers in the United States & Canada, with record amounts of it being smuggled through the border due to this crisis. Illegal migrants are also arriving in states across the nation, and cartels are gaining power away from the border.

But we don't take any money from Justin Trudeau, and we are censored by big tech, and also demonetized on YouTube. So, we rely on the support of our viewers at home who care about these stories to help us tell them. Please go to to help us fund this coverage.

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