The World Economic Forum or Weather Extremist Forum? The climate apocalypse claims are in full swing

Countering misinformation, building trust and promoting science are top of mind at the annual globalist gathering in Davos, Switzerland, but the repeated amplification of imaginary modelling scenarios funded by profit-driven organizations is textbook pseudoscience riddled with conflicts of interest.

The World Economic Forum or Weather Extremist Forum? The climate apocalypse claims are in full swing
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The annual globalist meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has kicked off this week in Davos, Switzerland and climate alarmism is top of mind for oligarchs gathering to discuss the future of the world.

In an “open forum” on “Liberating Science,” panelists discussed the WEF’s top priority of managing misinformation and building trust.

Panelist Naomi Oreskes, professor of the History of Science at Harvard University, warns of private-sector “disinformation” and how it harms liberal/democratic capitalism. Speaking specifically about President Trump and misinformation, Oreskes believes that the WEF should take action against purported disinformation by the private sector, even if they “like that a certain politician would cut their taxes.”

Meteorologist and climate scientist Carlos Nobre says that scientists should undertake “responsible advocacy” to better communicate science and if they don’t, “we may lose this battle.”

Nobre asks if the rushed, novel COVID-19 mRNA injections were effectively communicated by scientists.

“They were created in ten months. The fastest in history,” he proclaims. “That saved more than 50 million lives.”

This claim is based on an imaginary modelling scenario by Watson et al. that was funded entirely by vaccine-propagating organizations that profit from their use.

Imaginary modelling situations were again discussed during the conference titled “When Climate Impacts Your Health.”

Seed Global Health CEO Vanessa Kerry warns the audience that the climate crisis fundamentally jeopardizes health and that a lack of progress harms the billions of dollars that companies like hers have invested into the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bill Anderson, CEO of Bayer Agriculture (Ag), says that advocating for genetically modified organism (GMO) crop science can protect health and food systems. He stresses the importance of replacing antiquated farming practices and replacing them with novel, innovative approaches for the well-being of “farmers, eaters and the environment.”

While the WEF claims to be committed to science, truth, and combatting misinformation by building trust, a closer look reveals that they rely heavily on modelling parameters to propagate fear, hysteria and apocalyptic predictions regarding climate change.

The use of hypothetical modelling scenarios financed by private-sector interests should raise questions about credibility and conflicts with political interests. Instead, the scenarios are amplified repeatedly as though they are factual, without question, by very powerful and influential figures backed by endless resources and wealth derived from conglomerate companies.

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