There’s actually a Toronto mayoral candidate more leftist than Olivia Chow. Meet Logan Choy

Mr. Choy is a big believer in 'people power.' And if that sounds a wee bit like socialism or Marxism to you, well, you have pretty much nailed Mr. Choy’s ideology.

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There’s a staggering 102 candidates vying for mayor of Toronto. Some are serious, some are pranksters, and others are… well, you decide…

Case in point: Logan Choy.

We bumped into Mr. Choy outside a recent Toronto mayoralty debate being staged downtown. You might find this hard to believe, but Choy, along with 93 other candidates, wasn’t invited up onto the debate podium on this evening.

Truth be told, the first thing that struck us about Logan Choy was his campaign literature. Which is to say, the layout of his pamphlets made the surrealism of Salvador Dali look photo realistic. (The descriptor “dog’s breakfast” comes to mind…)

For example, in the smallest type font possible, the phrase, “Everything is all right” is printed approximately 80 times over. It reminds one of that disturbing scene in The Shining in which it is revealed to the audience that author Jack Torrance – a man suffering from the most horrific case of writer’s block – has written an entire manuscript consisting of the endless repetition of a single phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Yikes!

The handouts also display, in crude magic marker renderings no less. hand-scribbled phrases such as, “Vote the truth” and “YouTube Channel to Subscribe” and “Let’s make our city better.” (Better? But weren’t we led to believe in the preamble that “everything is all right”? Apparently not…)

In any event, Mr. Choy is a big believer in “people power.” And if that sounds a wee bit like socialism or Marxism to you, well, you have pretty much nailed Mr. Choy’s ideology.

Still, we applaud Choy for his honesty. For example, he says he struggles greatly to make ends meet, supporting himself and his son on an annual income of $10,000. How can two live in Hogtown on $10K a year, you ask? Well… “people power.” Which is to say Choy is frequently the recipient of assistance from… homeless people.

We get it: according to a certain pop culture purple dinosaur, “sharing is caring.” But nevertheless, we must ponder this harsh reality: the 2023 City of Toronto budget is more than $16 billion… how can someone receiving handouts from the homeless be fiscally capable of tackling a single line item in such a budget?

In the final analysis, we go back to our original premise. Which is to say, in this wacky 2023 Toronto mayoral by-election, some candidates are serious, some are pranksters, and others, such as Logan Choy, are… well, you tell us…

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