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There's no human right to not be offended: Supreme court rules in the favor of comedy

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show Ezra talks about Mike Ward, a Quebec comedian whose jokes landed him in the supreme court. 

He’s one of the few comedians in Canada who is funny enough to make a living at comedy but not everyone agrees with his sense of humor. 

He made one joke in particular that landed him in some hot water.

Ezra takes you through the joke and the supreme court ruling in this clip from Friday's show. 

On the ruling Ezra said:

As usual, with our Supreme Court, it’s monstrously long. It’s just awful, these multi-hundred page rulings. In this case, 136 pages, mercifully brief as this court goes.

And they ruled in favour of Mike Ward — not that they thought his jokes were funny; but that they thought that his jokes were not illegal; that if the young man wanted to sue in defamation, he should have done so; but that there wasn’t a human right not to be offended. That’s a counterfeit human right.

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