“They hate America and they want chaos”: Will Witt on politicians ignoring their own lockdown rules

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PragerU's Will Witt joined Rebel commentator Andrew Chapados in the second edition of his Andrew Says series to discuss a wide variety of topics, from “problematic” videos, to hairstyles and death threats, the pair covered a lot of subjects.

In this clip from that interview, Andrew asked Will to share his thoughts on California's — more specifically, Los Angeles' — reaction to the COVID pandemic.

“It's absolutely ridiculous to think that we need to shut down Los Angeles again, it's crazy,” Will told Andrew. “They're going to shut down the whole state again for a virus that has a 99.5 per cent survival rate.”

In 1958 there was a flu. In 1968 there was a flu. And [about the same number] of people in America died during that time as now. But they didn't shut businesses down. They didn't shut down, they knew this is a virus and that's what happens when you have a virus,” Will said.

“You do everything you can to make sure that it doesn't continue to spread and you be safe, but you don't shut down life.”


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