“They have no plan”: Kevin McCarthy issues dire warning about Democratic policies on economy, border

“They have no plan”: Kevin McCarthy issues dire warning about Democratic policies on economy, border
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a dire warning for his Republican colleagues in Congress, warning in a letter on Sunday that President Joe Biden and the Democrats were endangering the country with their policies.

McCarthy opened up with praise for the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, which accelerated the development and distribution of vaccines for COVID-19 amid the pandemic, allowing the United States to rebound from the verge of economic collapse. The virus killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and devastated the economies of many states.

However, despite the quick economic rebound, the Biden administration and policies enacted by the Democrats are causing significant problems for the country.

McCarthy wrote: 

Americans planning to get back into the office and travel with their families face the highest gas prices in seven years – when Joe Biden was Vice President. If they are in the market to buy a car, the sticker shock is forcing them to reconsider or pay significantly more than the asking price.

Our grocery bills are rising too. Milk, bacon, and meat, just to name a few, are now more expensive than recent years. Several companies, like General Mills, have explicitly warned they will soon be forced to raise prices on their products as ingredients get more expensive. Hormel Foods already did – just look at Skippy peanut butter.

Overall, consumer costs have risen by the highest rate in 13 years. This inflation is a tax on Americans and is directly related to the Democrats’ reckless policies. The price shocks are also fueled from a wave of cyber-attacks that have knocked out gas and food supplies. Rather than use the American government to confront these threats, the Biden administration is rewarding Russian energy companies and Chinese-owned technology companies.

McCarthy stated that inflating costs and unemployment benefits promoted by Democrats to urge people to stay at home instead of finding work are hurting small businesses, which are in turn affecting communities. Republican governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis have led the charge against repealing enhanced unemployment benefits that have disincentivized people from going back to work.

McCarthy continued:

In addition to economic uncertainty, American communities are experiencing historic increases in violent crime. Last year was the most violent year in our country since the mid-90’s. This year is already on a worse trajectory. According to data released by the Major Cities Chiefs Association comparing homicide rates from the first quarter of 2020 to the same time period in 2021, 44 of the 63 cities surveyed reported an increase in homicides.

The Democrats have responded standing with calls to defund the police and open our borders. In fact, the border crisis has led to terrorists trying to enter our country. The Administration’s response: laughter. The American people deserve real leadership – most of which is currently failing across the board.

As noted by the Daily Wire, McCarthy is likely referencing a recent gaffe-filled trip by Vice President Kamala Harris to Central America, in which she was repeatedly asked why she had not yet visited the U.S.-Mexico border and lambasted for the Biden administration’s inability to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Harris is meant to be the administration’s point person on the border.

McCarthy concluded:

As we emerge from the virus, elites at institutions across our society are being forced to reckon with the truth: the coronavirus likely came from a lab in China. This is a truth they, along with legacy media and social media outlets, helped cover-up for over a year. Our country was dealt a significant blow by the virus and the Democrats in charge have no plan to hold China accountable.

Worse, they have no plan to deal with any of the issues that are actually impacting Americans. Instead, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are focused on a partisan, out-of-touch agenda that pleases only their corporate cocktail allies and radical activists.

As we return from a three-week recess, we remain relentlessly focused on these issues and the impacts faced by Americans every day. It’s easy to be tempted into distraction by what others think is important. Instead, our North Star must be a simple question: how will we make life better for every American?

Our country is in crisis, and Republicans stand against the impending malaise and stand for a greatness that we reached just a few years ago. I look forward to seeing everyone soon and joining together in the fight for our future.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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