They killed small business and REFUSE to listen to the desperate owners

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On Saturday, a small group of business owners gathered in Melbourne's CBD to protest the ongoing lockdown.

Unlike any previous protest, business owners organised this rally, not activists. However, that didn't deter police, who swiftly and violently shut the demonstration down.

I spoke to three business owners who all say they cannot go on like this.

Racha from Willow Tree Events says she's struggling to put food on the table for her young family.

Carly Soderstrom and Bill Panayotov told me that they did not qualify for any government assistance and have nowhere to turn.

Police arrested numerous protesters and issued them with $1,652 fines.

Melbourne's fourth lockdown was set to end this Thursday but with eleven new cases recorded today, the state government will likely extend restrictions.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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