'They want us all to be the same': Christine Anderson says the EU is the 'enemy of Europe'

Responding to critics, German MEP Christine Anderson tells The Ezra Levant Show the European Union wants to wash away the continent's rich history.

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Skeptics critical of the European Union have sometimes been branded as "enemies" of Europe. With the rise of parties like Germany's Alternative for Deutschland, which are critical of the international organization and support more rights for individual nations, Christine Anderson, an AfD representative in the European Parliament, is no stranger to criticism.

Anderson, who met with Conservative members of Parliament earlier this year, joined The Ezra Levant Show last night for a feature interview. During a portion of the conversation, she touched on these critiques of her party.

Focusing on the origins of the party in 2013 and how the party's Euroskeptic viewpoint got the party labelled, Anderson told Ezra:

That got us labelled as enemies of Europe. We are not enemies of Europe. I love Europe, my party loves Europe. The EU is the enemy of Europe because they level it all.

A lot of people, they envy us, to be Europeans. We live on this rather small continent with so many languages, so many cultures. Rich history in each and every country in Europe.

What they're doing, they want us to be all the same somehow. Get rid of our national identity, of our cultural identity. For the greater good, of course. Which is the Europe they dream of.

But the EU, it is not an EU for the people, by the people. It is actually a Europe for the globalitarian elites, by the globalitarian elites.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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