They’re prosecuting Pastor Artur again — and I’m in court right now reporting on it!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is continuing to fight for freedom, this time against serious charges stemming from a speech he delivered to truckers who were blockading the Canada-U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta.

They’re prosecuting Pastor Artur again — and I’m in court right now reporting on it!
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I’m writing to you from the first row in Courtroom 3 of the Lethbridge court house — Pastor Artur Pawlowski is on trial, again!

He’s facing two criminal charges — mischief against property and failing to obey an order. And he’s facing a third offence: The first time ever that Alberta’s eco-terrorism law, the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act has ever been used.

So what did Artur do? Did he attack anyone? Did he commit a crime? Did he blow up a pipeline or block a railway? No. He literally gave a 19-minute speech, in a saloon, to a group of truckers at last year’s freedom convoy, telling them to stand up for their freedoms.

The speech was part sermon, part pep talk, part-political manifesto and part history lesson — Pastor Artur told stories about how the Polish Solidarity movement helped end the Cold War.

It’s a classic Artur speech — and you can see the whole thing for yourself right here:

So, I’m guessing you’re thinking: what’s the crime? Yeah, me too.

That speech is literally a crime, according to the Government of Alberta’s prosecutors, who are obsessed with getting Pastor Artur. The very first thing the prosecutor said in court this morning was that this video is the key piece of evidence.

Nothing else is contested. Artur drove down to Coutts, gave his speech, and drove away. He didn’t block any roads or organize anything. He didn’t come back. He just went to talk to the men and give them a prayer. 

And this is what the Government of Alberta’s prosecutors say is breaking not one but three laws. I’m serious.

In 2023, in Canada, you can have a two-day trial over whether or not your peaceful political speech is a crime deserving of lengthy jail time. It’s so gross. And it’s so surprising, given that Alberta’s new premier, Danielle Smith, publicly campaigned on ending these lockdown vendettas against pastors and small businesspeople.

And yet here we are.

But there is some good news. I truly believe Pastor Artur is going to win. Sitting five feet in front of me are Pastor Artur’s lawyers, and they really are a dream team. Sarah Miller, Chad Haggerty, Emily Amirkhani and an articling student, too. They’re here to win — and I truly think they will.

But you can imagine how expensive it is to have four lawyers fighting against the unlimited resources of the government. That’s why I’m so proud that we are crowdfunding Pastor Artur’s legal fees at the website

In fact, you’ll get a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund for your donation — because you’re helping to fight for civil liberties. That’s my update for now.

I’ll be here all day today and tomorrow, too. And I’ll keep reporting on the bizarre, anti-Christian, anti-freedom war against Pastor Artur until he’s finally free.

Why are there no members of the mainstream media in the courtroom? It’s packed with citizens, and so is the hallway outside. But the legacy media hates Pastor Artur and they don’t actually care about his freedom of speech.

Rebel News cares about freedom. And we’re actually doing something about it, too. To chip in to beat this insane prosecution, please go to

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