This activist teacher who exposed kindergartners to drag queen story time without parental consent must be fired!

Every parent we spoke to whose child she used as her social justice weapon was both disturbed and outraged by her conduct.

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A spiteful Drag Queen for kids’ activist who also happens to be a primary grade teacher named Myia Malakoff, must be fired and we need your help to do so.

After community pushback last month, led to the cancellation of a drag queen Storytime at B.C’s Nelson Public Library, Malakoff chose to use her impressionable students for political gain.

With vengeance on her mind, Malakoff exposed kindergarten and grade one students at Castlegar Primary School to a drag queen story-time video. The video shows Harris Kornstein a.k.a. a drag character called “Little Hot Mess”, reading a same sex-marriage book that promotes cross-dressing to kids called “Worm Loves Worm.”

Malakoff also publicly gloated about her shocking actions on Instagram by posting a picture of the young students watching the controversial footage.

The worst part is that she did all the above without seeking parental consent!

“When our community can’t hold a drag reading at the local library (due to bigotry and hate) … you hold one in your classroom!” read the caption of Malakoff’s since removed post followed by the hashtags #sorrynotsorry and #inclusiveclassroom.

Except Malakoff’s actions were far from inclusive.

Every parent we spoke to whose child she used as her social justice weapon was both disturbed and outraged by her conduct. Yet, instead of feeling free to publicly advocate for their child’s privacy and their parental rights, they are united by fear that doing so will invite zealous activists like Malakoff to falsely label them bigots and transphobes.

“It almost feels unsafe to speak out about it,” one such parent told Rebel News. Shortly after that parent's child came home following Malakoff’s out of curriculum drag screening, this same parent says their child began to question whether or not they should start dressing like the opposite sex.

“All I’m asking for is the choice, the informed consent as a parent to know what my child is being exposed to everyday,” added the parent. Also disappointing for the parents is the reportedly weak response they say they received from their school about the incident.

While we were able use the few details from the screen shot of Malakoff’s Instagram post to eventually uncover what drag video she had exposed the kids to, the parents claim they still have not received that information from the school itself. And while the school has acknowledged the incident, there has been no communication as to whether Malakoff will be disciplined nor if she intends to apologize to the parents for her disgraceful conduct.

That’s where you come in.

These parents are just regular people who trusted the public institution and teacher to maintain professional standards that are in the best interest of their child, not those of a radical activist.

They may be too afraid to speak out, but if you are not, click here to send off our pre-written email to the Castlegar Primary Principal Wendy Cutler, SD20 Superintendent Katherine Shearer, SD20 School Trustee Gavin Fox to demand they immediately investigate Malakoff’s conduct and ultimately fire her for her exploitive behaviour.

If you live in British Columbia and wish to take further action for these parental rights fight you can also fill out this official complaint form addressed to the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation of B.C.

For more reports on the sexual indoctrination of children and to donate to support the many costs involved in covering this underreported issue, please go to

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Fire Myia!

Activist teacher who exposed kindergartners to a drag queen story time without parental consent must be fired!

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