WATCH: This Canadian woman must choose between caring for a sick loved one or returning home

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Dr. Shelley Evans is not a political protester. She is simply a Canadian who wants to come home.

Dr. Evans lives in Okotoks, Alberta, but since January 2021, she has been stranded in the United Kingdom and doing everything in her power to get back to her family and business.

Three months ago, her partner, a U.K. resident with a Canadian visa, suffered a heart attack. As you might expect, she rushed to the U.K. to be by his side and care for him as he recovered. You would hope that dealing with a loved one suffering from a heart attack would be the most stressful part of Dr. Evans’ story, but it should come as little surprise that the Canadian government only made things worse.

Since February 19, 2021, Dr. Evans has been jumping through bureaucratic loops just trying to get home with her partner.

She has five children eagerly awaiting her return, not to mention all her clients. Additionally, the lease on her current home is coming to an end, so she must pack up and move right away. Simply put, Dr. Evans needs to come back home, but to do so she may have to abandon her partner to continue his recovery alone.

Dr. Evans is not trying to make a political point.

Despite her moral opposition to many restrictions implemented by the Canadian government, she has downloaded the advised tracking app, taken COVID tests, and followed every directive from the Canadian government, but she and her partner are still being left in the lurch.

There is no telling whether the root cause of this situation has been overbearing restrictions and regulations or simply bureaucratic ineptitude, but it is clear that Dr. Shelley Evans is not the only Canadian facing needless anxiety thanks to the failings of the Government of Canada. While people from all over the world continue to fly in and out of our country unfettered, Dr. Evans has been left stranded abroad, wondering when she will get to come home.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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