'This is not a democracy anymore': Following a tractor convoy in the Netherlands

Our team was embedded with a convoy of tractors and spoke to protesters, as farmers in the Netherlands continue their protest against radical climate policies.

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“I think it's war, I think then it's war” is how one protester responded when he was asked what would happen if the Dutch farmers' demands were not met.

Rebel News reporters Lincoln Jay and Lewis Brackpool were embedded with a tractor convoy as farmers in the Netherlands continue to protest radical climate policies that threaten to devastate the nation's agriculture industry.

The government of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is seeking to cut nitrogen emissions in the country by 40% in its attempts to comply with globalist climate targets, like those laid out in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

“Help! No farmers, no food” read a sign on the front of a tractor in Marum, a small town in the northeastern part of the Netherlands, as a massive convoy formed.

As the convoy rolled through the town, our team had a chance to speak with some of the demonstrators, asking why they felt it was important to be at the protest. “To support the farmers, to be a family,” one man told Rebel News' Brackpool. “To make a statement for the farmers,” said another.

Tensions are high in the country, “very high” according to the younger man we spoke to. The older man said 60% of workers at his business were farmers and that hurting the farming industry hurts not just farmers, but the support industries that surround farming.

As this demonstration wrapped up without any major incident, the farmers headed back home. For the time being, it seems as though the Netherlands will remain on edge, as worrying conversations of civil war carry on between the Dutch people.

Rebel News has extended our team's stay in the Netherlands. To help keep our journalists on the ground and bringing you the other side of the story on the Dutch Farmer Rebellion, and to see all of previous coverage, visit FarmerRebellion.com.

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