This is why the media should STOP ignoring what happened to Avi Yemini

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Over the weekend, thousands marched across the country to protest mandatory and coerced Covid-19 vaccinations.

The rallies were peaceful in every capital city, besides one: Melbourne.

Victoria police cracked down on the peaceful rally, deployed pepper spray and engaged in their favourite heavyhanded tactic known as kettling, where they surrounded, trapped and violently arrested protesters.

A Herald Sun journalist and photographer also received very familiar treatment. They were caught up in the police trap, cuffed and frogmarched away.

Where have we seen that happen before?

Welcome to the party, guys. It's not a good feeling. No journalist in a REAL democracy should ever be the target of law enforcement for doing their job. But the response to the Herald Sun arrests was a little different.

Following their arrests, unlike my five, the outpour of condemnation came in hard and fast. And within 24 hours, Victoria Police apologised for "unintentionally arresting journalists".

I'm just grateful I don't work for a publication that accepts that sorry excuse on my behalf.

Instead, we're fighting back at

Big announcement coming this week.

Watch this space.

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