Tommy Robinson is on trial again — and I'm flying to the UK to cover it

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Our friend Tommy is in trouble — it’s outrageous. He’s asked me to come to London to help. So I’m leaving tonight.

He’s got old trouble. That Syrian migrant who is suing Tommy Robinson — there’s a court hearing in the morning. I’ll be there, I’ll tell you what happens, I’ll do videos outside the court and live-tweet from the inside.

Here’s what’s at issue:

The law firm that is carrying the case against Tommy, instead of normally serving a lawsuit on Tommy, by handing it to him or mailing it to him or his lawyers, they literally hired an obscene Antifa thug to deliver it to Tommy’s home, the home of Tommy's wife and kids. And to livestream himself, to publicize the confidential address of Tommy’s family. And to make obscene threats of violence. 

That’s insane. That’s abusive. And it’s legally relevant because Tommy has witnesses who are willing to testify about the case. But they’re classmates of this Syrian migrant, so they’re young, and they’re afraid that if their identity is disclosed to the migrant’s lawyers, they’ll be bullied in this obscene way, too. They’ll by physically threatened.

So tomorrow’s hearing is whether or not the identity of Tommy’s witnesses have to be handed over to the people who hired the monster I just showed you.

But there’s a second matter that I’m going to talk to Tommy about.

There’s a children’s resort in the UK called Centre Parcs. It’s for families: Sports, bike paths, dining, swimming pools. Tommy likes taking his family there. It’s a safe place for families.

Until Tommy’s eight-year-old daughter ran over to him and said that there were three middle-aged Muslim men in the kiddie pool, and one of them groped her.

Tommy being Tommy, he went over and accosted them, and restrained the groper until police came.

So the man admitted he groped Tommy’s daughter.

He said it was an “accident”. You know how accidents can happen — how a pack of middle aged man can go to Centre Parcs, without their wives and kids, and go to the kiddie pool, and accidentally grope the bottom of an eight-year-old girl. An "accident."

Well, incredibly, the police came; refused to arrest the confessed groper; refused to seize his cell phone to look for photos; and actually arrested Tommy.

For assault — because Tommy held the man till the cops came.

So Tommy Robinson’s own daughter was physically assaulted by a man in a kids swimming pool. But police are arresting him, and charging him, and he’ll have to go to court.

And you know it’s just so they can put him away for a long, long time. They literally let the admitted groper go. They arrested Tommy instead.

I’m going to London tonight. I’ll sleep on the plane. I land in the morning and go straight to court. I’ll report on the hearing as to whether Tommy’s witnesses have to tell the thuggish law firm their identity. And then I’ll interview Tommy about the charges against him.

Those are the ones that have me worried — I see it as an excuse to put Tommy away for a long time.

I’m worried about this. So what can I do? The thing I always do — report the truth about Tommy and his trials. Especially since he’s been deplatformed himself. And you know the mainstream media only lie about Tommy.

Every single British media outlet reported that Tommy was arrested and charged at the swimming pool. Not one of them mentioned it was for holding down a man who had admitted to groping his eight year old daughter,.

Do you see what I mean — that if I don’t go to report on these things, not only will you not know what happens, but you’ll be told the opposite. It’s technically true that Tommy was charged. But imagine writing that, and not even mentioning why, or what, or who.

Can you please help me? I have an economy-class ticket. It cost me just under a thousand pounds, or $1,500 Canadian. Plus cab fare to and from the court and I’ll probably buy Tommy lunch. And then I’m heading home tomorrow night — I’ll sleep on the plane again, so no need for a hotel.

If you can, please chip in to cover my costs. The BBC gets £5 billion a year, from forced licence fees and taxes. We have to survive solely off voluntary donations from our viewers. 

Thanks my friends. It’s the least we can do to help Tommy.

The attacks on Tommy Robinson just don’t stop — please help me go over to London tonight to report honestly and accurately about them, by chipping in at

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