Tony Bernardo: 'We also have our sporting guns that the Liberals can't figure out how to take'

Executive Director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Tony Bernardo joins The Gunn Show to discuss the future of gun rights in Canada and what you can do to fight back.

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The Gunn Show was joined by executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), Tony Bernardo. 

The buyback (of property that was never theirs in the first place) is part of the Liberals grandfathering out of handgun ownership and a ban on more than 1500 popular rifles and shotguns. The moves are part of successive attacks on firearms rights in Canada dating back to May 2020.

Sheila asked Tony to explain what the Canadian Shooting Sports Association is about.

Tony responded with:

We're an advocacy group for firearms owners. But we do a lot of other things like provide high quality training, a shooting range protocols and procedures. And we do this right across Canada. We have members in every province and territory. We have gun clubs right across the entire country. We've been around for 62 years.

We're still very active, but in the way we do things, more conservative or behind the scenes or making the wheels turn.

"That's a that's what I love about the Canadian Shooting Sports Association," said Sheila. "You're actually grinding away on the politics and policy matters to make real change."

Initially, the Liberals claimed the buyback program would cost roughly $200 million. The parliamentary budget office put the estimate closer to $800 million.

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