STRIKE OUT: Toronto Blue Jays hat design cancelled!

The new Toronto Blue Jays’ 4th of July baseball cap will remain predominantly red and white with blue stripes – but the stars have been removed! Apparently the stars have been deemed too offensive for certain fans.

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Major League Baseball thought it would be a nice gesture to acknowledge the upcoming birthday of the United States of America. So it was that all 30 teams were originally scheduled to wear special caps on the Fourth of July, decorated with the stars and stripes. What’s not to love?

Alas, when the caps were previewed to the public, Canadian Press ran a story noting the following: “Fans of the Blue Jays voiced their displeasure at Canada’s only MLB team wearing star-spangled hats.”

Um, we don’t mean to be nitpickers here, but there’s a slice of fake news here. “Fans of the Blue Jays” implies all fans of the Blue Jays, not some fans of the Blue Jays, or more accurately, the lunatic fringe part of the Blue Jays’ fanbase. You know, those cellar-dwellers who routinely stage temper tantrums on social media about any perceived slight. Case in point: check out this profound tweet from somebody called Sunbrachi:

OK, grammatically incorrect but you get what he’s ranting about. And not only is Sunbrachi furious, but this being 2022, he’s an adherent of cancel culture. Which is to say that the poor graphic artist who came up with that Fourth of July cap design must be fired as soon as possible because that person is a… traitor? By the way, is that the benchmark for a modern-day Benedict Arnold these days? A baseball cap displaying the stars and stripes?

Truthfully, this story is infuriating because it speaks of a bigger issue than the design of a baseball cap. The sad fact is that there are too many smug Canadians – typically those who vote Liberal and NDP – who cling to the mantra of “Yankee go home,” and we’re not referencing a certain baseball club based in the Bronx.

But this baseball cap saga gets worse. That’s because those nattering nabobs of negativity on social media bashing the 4th of July hats actually got their way! Which is to say, the birdbrains running the Blue Jays bent the knee and announced that the 4th of July caps would be redesigned. And here’s where things get surreal: the new Blue Jays’ 4th of July cap will remain predominantly red and white with blue stripes – but the stars have been removed.

Are all the anti-American fans of the Toronto Blue Jays happy now?

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