Toronto gym CHAINED SHUT by public health, while heavy police presence monitors protest

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On the very same day Toronto’s Adamson Barbecue was forcibly shut down by law enforcement, the Scarborough location of Express Fitness also defied the law by opening its doors to allow for workouts and a peaceful protest.

But since this is John Tory’s Toronto, “peaceful protests” are only tolerated when they are being staged by the likes of thuggish groups such as Afro Indigenous Rising, which took over the city square for three weeks in June and July, breaking some 11 sections of the Trespass Act in the process.

And so it was that when Express Fitness opened, the owner, Alex, along with workout enthusiasts, were quickly met with several police officers and bylaw enforcement officers who descended upon the scene en masse. 

Alex had only planned to allow five people into his 25,000-square-foot gym, but law enforcement prevented him from doing so — all the while turning a blind eye, as per usual, to nearby Walmarts and Costcos that were jam-packed.

Apparently the Wuhan virus avoids big box stores, but loathes those who want to get physically fit at a gym.

Alex was then ordered to shut down his gym and was served with two summonses for failure to comply with the province's Reopening Ontario Act.

The cruel smackdown of Express Fitness prompted a group called No More Lockdowns to stage a protest on Saturday morning. In truth, it was a relatively small turnout, perhaps fewer than 100. But what was truly notable was the relatively huge turnout by law enforcement. There were several police cruisers on site and in the surrounding area, as well as parking enforcement officers for some odd reason. And we kid you not: situated on a nearby side street was the mounted unit, ready to charge on a moment’s notice, just as the horseback officers did at Adamson Barbecue two weeks ago.

But it was baffling to say the least. The protesters weren’t going to enter the gym itself, given that the facility is literally chained shut. They were just peacefully protesting the gym’s closure in the parking lot and on the nearby public sidewalk. How is that such a protest is met with an overwhelming police presence whereas violent “protesters” espousing social/racial justice get away with just about anything they so desire, even lawlessness?

Indeed, what’s the story, Mr. Tory?

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  • By David Menzies


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