Toronto Mayor Tory wants diners to MASK UP between bites when restaurants reopen

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2020 has to rank as perhaps the most insane year in living memory thanks to the Wuhan virus and the way in which governments and bureaucracies are reacting to it.

But the question arises: are we at peak insanity yet? Perhaps.

Just check out Toronto Mayor John Tory’s cockamamie idea when it comes to dining etiquette once Hogtown restaurants get to reopen their doors for sit-down patrons. Currently, restaurant customers are freezing their arses off on as they chomp down on entrees while seated in those makeshift outdoor patios.

Namely, Mayor Tory wants patrons to keep their non-medical muzzles — er, masks — on in-between bites and sips of their food and beverages! He actually said that, although his spokesman recently claimed this was a misinterpretation of what the mayor was advocating (please view the video evidence pertaining to Tory’s eating etiquette remarks and you be the judge).

Then again, it should be noted that Tory isn’t the only politician to advocate the mask on/mask off/take a bite/mask on/chew/mask off/take a sip/mask on/drink/ ad infinitum protocol.

California Governor Gavin Newsom advocated the very same dining protocols last month. But Newsom is as progressive as you can get while Tory is allegedly a conservative. Allegedly.

Quick question: if one has to belch, is that a mask on or a mask off scenario?

In any event, Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently stated that Toronto eateries can indeed reopen — just like Ottawa, Peel Region and York Region eateries — as of Nov. 7.

But Tory declined the offer, saying the city needed more time to figure things out (please turn a blind eye to the number of Toronto businesses going belly up). Hmmm... I wonder if a mask can also serve as a makeshift barf bag?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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