Toronto police officer not such a tough guy when questioned about his bad behaviour

David Menzies puts questions to the Toronto police officer who arrested him for allegedly trespassing while covering an anti-Israel protest at Nathan Phillips Square.

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You never know who you’re going to run into at a pro-Hamas demonstration. And such was the case last Sunday at the Walk with Israel event in Toronto. Alas, a few hundred members of the Hitler Youth Movement showed up to try and ruin the Walk with Israel. But much like all things Hamas-related, they failed in a most spectacular fashion…

But lo and behold, like a bad case of déjà vu, hobnobbing with the thugs chanting genocide, we spotted none other than Toronto police officer Chang. We’d recognize that badge number anywhere (#7724 for those taking notes).

Chang was the police officer who arrested this Rebel News reporter on April 7.

We were covering the six-month vigil for the victims of the Oct. 7, 2023, massacre in Israel. The vigil took place at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square and was being officiated by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. More than 2,000 people were in attendance to pay their respects. But even at a vigil, the pro-Hamas hooligans showed up to spew their vile hatred. They are truly sick and twisted.

What’s more, they physically assaulted me and Rebel News cameraman Efron Monsanto. It was caught on multiple cameras. Members of law enforcement were eyewitnesses. But the end-result: I was arrested! For what? For “trespassing.” That’s right. Trespassing.

But how? We were in the town square practicing journalism. Chang even grabbed my cellphone and threw it on the ground, presumably trying to break it. It was surreal.

When we get our day in court in August, we fully expect the Crown to toss this trumped-up charge based on the fact that there is no reasonable prospect of conviction.

But going back to last Sunday, there was none other than Officer Chang on Sunday who was working with the crowd control unit. And oh, he looked so resplendent in his short-shorts and black leotards! (We’re not making this up. Gee, maybe Chang wants to be the driver for the Toronto Police Service's new transgender police cruiser?).

We approached Chang to ask him questions about that outrageous April arrest. And even though Chang is equipped with lethal force, he actually ran away from us, only saying that any queries should be directed to police communications. Wow… what a coward.

By the way, it was also Chang who arrested freedom fighter Salman Sima a few months ago for staging a peaceful protest. 

Are you detecting a pattern here?

Indeed, the question arises: what’s the deal with Chang? In fact, his appalling behaviour would seem to indicate that he is on Team Hamas. If so, he biased and unfit for duty. And he should resign — the sooner the better.

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