A Toronto police officer spoke out at last month’s Freedom Rally — now she might lose her job

Is this truly a breach of the Police Services Act?

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By all accounts, Detective-Constable Adrienne Gilvesy is a superb cop. But she now finds herself under internal investigation by the Toronto Police Service.

Her alleged crime?

On her own time and out of uniform, she spoke at the freedom rally that took place at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Sept. 18.

And, apparently, doing so is something that could “harm the reputation of the service” according to the Toronto Police Service.

But why? Is Det.-Cst. Gilvesy not allowed to embrace her Charter rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of expression?

Is this truly a breach of the Police Services Act? Is she forever beholden to keep her mouth shut 24/7 because she’s a cop?

Those standing up against the never-ending lockdowns, mask mandates and more recently, vaccine passports would surely like Gilvesy. She believes law enforcement personnel who violently crackdown on peaceful protests are actually violating their oaths — and that’s something Gilvesy says she’d never do.

And yet, for taking such a principled stance, she faces repercussions, the potential ultimate penalty being outright termination? Outrageous.

Indeed, she’s been told the allegations, if substantiated, constitute a breach of the Police Services Act, and that could even lead to charges.

This is not right. The Toronto Police Service needs more officers like Adrienne Gilvesy — not fewer.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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