Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Eileen de Villa, attended the WEF summit in Davos. Why?

Back in November of 2020, Dr. de Villa decided that Adamson's Barbeque owner Adam Skelly was creating a super-spreader event by feeding people who wanted to patronize his restaurant.

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Now that the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has mercifully wrapped, is there anything more to report?

Well, actually, yes. You’ll never believe who was a surprise guest at the WEF summit. And that would be Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, who took part in a special panel called “Unlocking Leadership in Health Equity.”

“Unlocking Leadership in Health Equity”… what does that even mean?

In any event, Toronto Public Health spokesman Clemente Angiolillo confirmed Dr. de Villa did indeed go to Davos. And get this: she even paid for the trip out of her own pocket. Obviously, she really, really wanted to be there – but again, why? How is it that the medical health officer of a municipality would be so keen on attending this forum?

We do know that she shared the stage with Merck CEO Belen Garjio, Roche Pharmaceutical’s Eva McLellan, World Health Organization Chair Dr. Kerstin Vesna Petric, Roche U.S. Diagnostics Kaye Vitug, and Boston Consulting Group Managing Director Judith Wallenstein.

A news release regarding this pharma powwow stated: “We aim to spotlight the value of the work that women deliver as caregivers, healthcare practitioners, community activists and leaders in diverse settings and the risks associated with not making it sustainable for women in these roles.”

That’s interesting, this concept of a woman being a caregiver, at least when it comes to Dr. de Villa. Remember back in November 2020, when she ordered Adamson’s Barbecue ion west-end Toronto to be shutdown?

Dr. de Villa decided that Adamson owner Adam Skelly was creating a super-spreader event by feeding people who wanted to patronize his restaurant. And when Skelly defied that order, de Villa shut him down permanently by literally sending in all the king’s horses and all the king’s men (a.k.a., the Toronto Police Service Mounted Unit.)

If that was an example of a female public health official being a “caregiver”, we’d hate to see what a vindictive health bureaucrat would look do…

Incidentally, just some 400 metres down the road from what used to be Adamson Barbecue is a Costco superstore. And get this: unlike Adamson Barbecue, the Costco foodservice kiosk was never ordered to close during the pandemic. Why was that? Why was Costco allowed to serve food but Adamson Barbecue was not? Surely not another egregious example of “one rule for thee, one rule for me”?

And really, what was de Villa’s unspoken reason for attending the WEF summit? Was her appearance a makeshift “audition” to impress the big shots so that she can actually join the WEF? Or the World Health Organization? Or the United Nations? Because we get the feeling this cruel quack is just getting started when it comes to telling people how to live their lives…

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