Is your small business banned from reopening — but you plan to do so anyway? Tell us your story!

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Are you an entrepreneur on the brink of losing everything? Are you at your financial breaking point? Are you unable to pay the rent and all of your other expenses – through no fault of your own but all because the state is demanding you keep your shop closed for no valid reason? And are you at the point where you have nothing left to lose — so you feel you might as well open your doors to your own willing customers, no matter what politicians say?

If so, I want to tell your story.

If you plan to engage in peaceful civil disobedience, in defence of your business, your customers, and your right to earn a living.

If you plan to open your dining room. Or your gym. Or your yoga studio. Or your dojo.

If you plan to say to hell with these draconian measures being enacted by politicians and bureaucrats, many of whom are pencil-pushers who have never had to run a business; who have never had to make payroll.

If so, let me know, by filling in a form at

Tell me your story, and I’ll tell the world — I’ll let politicians know the pain they’re causing, that the so-called cure is worse than the disease. And I’ll let your supportive customers know that you’re not going down without a fight.

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  • By David Menzies


Are you a small business who is still banned from opening in Canada, but plan to reopen your restaurant, store or gym anyway? Let us know, and we’ll report your breaking story. Simply fill out the form on this page with your details.


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