Toronto “tent city” still standing — but we finally interviewed a protester (with surprising results)

Mr. Mayor, tear down this filthy tent city!

On Friday, the violent thugs who make up the rank and file of Afro Indigenous Rising were finally served with trespassing notices. Two weeks ago, these scholars created an “autonomous zone/sacred circle” at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, demanding that the city abolish the police department (that’s not going to happen; indeed, in a rare instance of sanity and common sense prevailing, Toronto City Council last week voted NOT to defund the police by 10 per cent.)

Meanwhile, the city hall squatters were told they had to vacate the square by Monday. We went down to the square at 5am, expecting law enforcement to move in for a dawn raid, but nothing happened. Indeed, more than five hours later, law enforcement was still AWOL.

However, something unexpected happened:

I had a long, civil conversation with one of the tent city protesters.

And can you believe it? He doesn't believe in "abolishing the police"! 

It was a polite, calm exchange of ideas. 

Anyhow, as the day progresses, the question remains: is Toronto Mayor John Tory going to order the police to enforce the law of the land as he promised on Friday? Or is the mayor’s bark worse than his bite (as per usual)? Stay tuned...